I was born in Córdoba, Argentina. I received a BFA from
the National University of Córdoba, with a major in printmaking. Then I specialized in non-toxic photogravure and digital graphics in Canada and the United States (Pyramid Atlantic, Baltimore, Maryland and the Canadian
School for Non-toxic Printmaking).

I am the foundress and director of Zona Imaginaria, a contemporary print studio. In which I also run “Who can live in this house?”, an international Residence Project. My personal work is orientated to research and different techniques combination: non-toxic printmaking, photography, video, digital prints, glass and installations.

In addition, I organize research and teaching workshops as well ascurates exhibition projects, focusing on interpersonal relationships and on the connection between the local community and the environment.

I am a visiting professor in the UNC (National University of Cordoba) andalso teach in my studio. I have taught at La Plata University, in San Pablo FAAP and in Escola de Artes Visuais de Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lucrecia Urbano

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